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Hello Fellow Groundwater Cleanup Stakeholders,

We've rung in the New Year and we have several great reasons to celebrate including two very important legislative successes in 2014! The first success is passage of Senate Bill 445 that not only keeps the Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund viable for ten more years, but, just as importantly, creates a NEW Site Cleanup Subaccount!  This new Subaccount provides funding for ANY qualifying chemical impact, not just hydrocarbons from a UST. This opens the door for a new SOLVENT Fund if our stakeholders demonstrate the need for such a fund. The second success is passage of Proposition 1 and its funding for cleanup of California's groundwater and infrastructure. With the support of our members, CORE was instrumental in the development of both of these initiatives. In 2015, we are focused on continuing to influence the implementation of these funding mechanisms that serve the interests of our members.  Click on the button links above to find out more about CORE’s efforts and our timely push for a Chlorinated Solvent Fund!  In summary, CORE’s current focus is the following:

  • Creating a Chlorinated Solvent Cleanup Fund in 2015 or soon thereafter
  • Helping Implement the New Non-UST ‘Subaccount’ Cleanup Fund created by SB 445 for non-petroleum impact including solvents, nitrates, etc.
  • Directing resources from Proposition 1 (AB 1471/”Water Bond”) toward cleanup of soil and groundwater where appropriate, including toward a Chlorinated Solvent Fund or similar program.
  • Accelerating cleanup at UST Cleanup Fund sites and other program efficiencies for the UST Fund expanded and extended until 2025 by SB 445.


CORE is a leading legislative and policy advocate for California's groundwater cleanup stakeholders. We hope you'll join us in 2015 with a membership, as we continue to lobby and shape the future of groundwater cleanup funding mechanisms in California. Our next big pursuit will be to establish a true Chlorinated Solvent Cleanup Fund in California.....we will need your help!

We are looking forward to working on your behalf in 2015!

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