Bob Clark-Riddell, V. President

Bob Clark-Riddell, V. President

Bob Clark-Riddell, V. President

Bob Clark-Riddell is a registered civil engineer with over 25 years of experience in the environmental and civil engineering field. Since his graduation from the University of Pennsylvania in 1985, Bob has worked for small and large firms consulting for private industry and the public sector.

In addition, Bob co-founded Cambria Environmental Technology, Inc. in 1994, and is currently the President of Pangea Environmental Services, Inc., located in Oakland, California.

Bob specializes in the assessment and cleanup of underground contamination, especially for petroleum hydrocarbon impact from Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) for major oil companies as well as “mom and pop” sites, with emphasis in client interaction, project management and staff supervision. Bob also provides litigation support, due diligence for property transactions, and regulatory compliance for hazardous materials and stormwater.

Bob has been a member of the Oakland Rotary Club #3 since 1998 and he joined CORE to get more involved in industry and work with industry stakeholders on maintaining viability of the UST Cleanup Fund.

Mr. Clark-Riddell has significant experience in the environmental and civil engineering field, featuring:

  • 25 years of experience,
  • Registration as a Civil Engineer in California,
  • Emphasis in client interaction, project management and staff supervision,
  • Coordination of a wide range of services for multiple clients,
  • Extensive regulatory negotiation, cost recovery, and liability minimization experience, and
  • Focus on soil and groundwater assessment/remediation/compliance sampling, fixed price remediation (with cleanup cost cap policies), Phase I & II environmental site assessments and due diligence, cleanup fund work, regulatory compliance, and litigation support/expert witness reporting.

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