CORE Directors

The CORE Board of Directors originated from a group of environmental professionals who saw an opportunity to help in doing and funding cleanups of UST leaks and spills. CORE’s all-volunteer Board brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise in cleaning up contaminated soils and groundwater. The CORE Directors are experienced in science, engineering, business enterprise, government policy and law.

In 2009, the California UST Fund suddenly ran out of money. It suspended 1,200 “C” class claims that were in the midst of investigation and cleanup. (“C” class claims are those from businesses with 100 to 500 employees and over $12 million in annual income.) Work had already been done, and the “freeze” on reimbursement bankrupted many businesses and property owners.

Rather than just lament the problem, our Directors decided to do something. They volunteered and were appointed by the State Water Resources Control Board to serve on two State Board Task Forces established in 2009 — one for the UST Cleanup Fund, and one for the UST Cleanup Program.

But, the Directors saw that even with the Task Forces, more work needed to be done to correct the problem and straighten out the cleanup and reimbursement system for USTs. So, they formed CORE Environmental Foundation, Inc. in 2009, to educate people about the problem. In 2013, they formed CORE Environmental, to engage in the political process to attempt to fix the problems with UST cleanups and the Fund.

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