CA UST Cleanup Fund Sunset is now 2026!!

CORE has successfully extended the sunset of the UST Fund another 10 Years!

AsĀ 2014 drew to a close, end of The California UST Cleanup Fund was little more than a year away, and the situation was dire. It was committed to funding several thousand active UST cleanup cases and had about 200 cases approved for funding but waiting for commitment. Many more cases had applied to the Fund and were undergoing application reviews. The Fund's outstanding liabilities added up (and still do) to billions of dollars of cleanup costs. Even with the onset of the Low Threat Closure Policy, While UST Cleanup sites continue to be closed across California, the rate of closures was inadequate to address all of the Fund's liabilities in a year. Additionally, there was no plan in place for the unwinding of the Cleanup Fund leading up to the sunset date.

CORE has succeeded in extending the Cleanup Fund for 10 years and is working with the Fund to address the problems it was facing at the end of 2014.

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