11th Annual CCGO-CORE Sacramento Drive-In on June 22, 2010

As part of the 11th Annual CCGO-CORE Sacramento Drive-In on June 22, 2010, here are the delegates and dignitaries: Mark Magargee (CORE), Jim Arnold (Director, CORE), Tim Parker (CCGO), Ira Ruskin (Assemblymember), Jim Jacobs (Pres. CCGO/CORE), and Peter Hartnett (Sr. Staff in Mr. Ruskin's office).  CCGO is the California Council of Geoscience Organizations. CORE-CCGO presented an environmental award to Mr. Ruskin, Peter Hartnett and Erin Shaw for their work for the passage of AB1188 in 2009, which increase fees to financially stabilize the California Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund.  Members of both organizations (CORE and CCGO) benefitted greatly by this bill.

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