CORE Newsletter ~ July 24, 2013


“Sunset Date” May Be Extended

2 Years

--- But You Need To Help!

July   24, 2013

Dear CORE Environmental Contributors:  Thanks to YOU, CORE's Bill AB 282 is one step closer to passage!  The California Senate amended AB 282, and returned it to the Assembly.  The amendments include a 2-year extension of the Fund Program's 'Sunset Date', as well as data reporting by the Fund to the Geotracker database.  CORE NEEDS YOUR HELP TO GET THE SUNSET EXTENSION!  More specifically, CORE is sponsoring Assembly Bill 282 (D-Wieckowski) to extend the UST Cleanup Fund’s 6/10ths cent/gallon fee on gasoline for two more years, thru December 31, 2015.  When current AB 291 dies on December 31, 2013, the fee drops to 1.4 cents/gallon.  Most importantly, the Senate Environmental Quality (EQ) Committee amended AB 282 to extend the UST Cleanup Fund Sunset Date for 2 more years.  This is good news for property owners and small businesses!  AB 282 is now scheduled for a hearing on August 12, 2013, by the Assembly’s Environmental Safety and Toxics Materials Committee.  CORE needs your support to help secure Republican and Democratic votes for Bill passage.  If you have seen the recent news about California’s high gas taxes, you know Assembly votes could be affected.  To help your property or your business, can you contribute or testify or write your legislator?  To be honest, CORE has received very little financial contribution the past several months.  Only due to one large anonymous contribution were we able to continue our work that benefits all of us.  Without more help soon, CORE can no longer cover the vital outside lobbying costs for our legislative efforts.  CORE implores you to contribute today, it is an investment for your future in this industry.  If the Sunset Date is not extended, the Water Board will start soon to dissolve the UST FUND Program.  A “hard landing” will mean NO reimbursement of major cleanup costs.  IF YOU DO NOT WANT A HARD LANDING, PLEASE WRITE A CHECK TODAY!


 If you value this legislative effort, please contribute to CORE.  CORE uses donations almost exclusively for outside costs to the lobbying firm that led our successful 2011 campaign – thanks to you!  LET’S DO IT AGAIN!

Please write your check to CORE Environmental, and mail it today to:

"CORE Environmental"

P.O. Box 93

Lafayette, CA   94549

Sincerely, Dwayne Ziegler, Bob   Clark-Riddell, Olivia Jacobs, Tom Ballard, Suzi Rosen, & Jim Arnold, Directors.


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