We need more members to support our legislative actions. Your membership and donations will fund our legislative efforts to ensure clean drinking water for all of California by funding clean-ups of properties that threaten groundwater quality. As a core member, you will be kept up to date on these efforts.

Purposes of CORE

  • Create & support solutions to funding necessary for groundwater investigation and remediation
  • Encourage site closures based on sound science
  • Provide accurate information and knowledge

Accomplishments of CORE

  • SB445 - Ext. UST Fund Sunset Date 08-2014
  • Prop. 1 Water Bond
  • Improved UST Fund performance and liquidity
  • Helped lift suspension of "C" claims
  • Supported the 2010-2011 increase in UST fee (AB1188)
  • Sponsored the 1-1-12 to 12-31-13 UST fee (AB291) resulting in an additional $90 million a year for the UST Fund


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Basic Membership Fee: $500
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Pledge additional money to help our efforts and receive additional benefits. A Gold Donation comes with a business listing as a CORE Patron on the CORE website. A Platinum Donation comes with your Logo and a link to your business on the CORE website. Contact us for details or to pledge any other amount.

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