Two Bills for 2014! We Need Your Help!


Two Bills for 2014!  Need your Help!

1 - Urgency Bill to Reinstate 2 cent/gallon fee

2 - Bill to Extend UST Cleanup Fund Program

Dear CORE Environmental Members and Contributors:     This is a very important year for UST Cleanup Fund legislation.  Because of last year's unsuccessful legislation, starting January 1, 2014 the Fund gasoline fee reverts to 1.4 cents/gallon, reducing available revenue by approximately $80MM each year. This fee reduction will have a significant effect on the Fund.  Therefore, CORE is co-sponsoring an urgency Bill to reinstate the full 2 cents/gallon fee in February or March 2014.  The additional revenue generated by this Bill would provide additional budget for the following: (1) underfunded remediation/cleanups, (2) underfunded site assessment, (3) well destruction for closing cases, and (4) claimants awaiting Letters of Commitment to gain access to the Fund.  CORE needs your contributions and voice to effectively communicate the industry need for this Bill to Sacramento legislators.

     Also, with the UST Cleanup Fund Program scheduled to sunset in two years on January 1, 2016, extending the Sunset Date of the UST Fund Program is vital this year.  CORE is working with the State Board and other stakeholders to incorporate any relevant reforms into a Bill extending the Sunset Date of the Fund.  Some in Sacramento wonder about the need for a Program extension given recent passage of the Low Threat UST Closure Policy and closing claims. CORE contends the Program is needed now more than ever to continue resolving environmental issues, support small businesses, and to provide financial assurance for meeting Federal requirements.  If you value the UST Cleanup Fund and support this Bill to extend the Fund Sunset Date, your contributions and feedback are critically needed.

If the Sunset Date is not extended, the Water Board will start soon to dissolve the UST FUND Program.  “hard landing” will mean NO reimbursement of cleanup costs after the Sunset.  IF YOU DO NOT WANT A HARD LANDING, we are encouraging firms to become members.  Basic Membership ($500); + Additional Donation $1,000 Silver; $3,000 Gold* and $5,000 Platinum**.  CORE uses donations almost exclusively for costs to the lobbying firm that led our successful 2011 campaign. LET’S DO IT AGAIN! *A Gold donation entitles to you a business listing as a CORE Patron on the CORE website if you choose; ** A Platinum donation entitles you to your logo and a link to your business on the CORE website if you choose.

CORE's website now accepts payments online for membership or donations.

Please join or contribute today at  

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"CORE Environmental, Inc." P.O. Box 93, Lafayette, CA 94549.  Thank you!


Dwayne Ziegler, Bob Clark-Riddell, Jim Arnold, Olivia Jacobs, Tom Ballard, Suzi Rosen

CORE Environmental, Inc. Directors.

January 1, 2014

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